Towards an archaeology of fishing along the channel and atlantic coasts of western France (Bronze age, iron age and roman period)

Published in 2018, this article in the Revue Archéologique de l’Ouest will be available online in this entirety from February 2022 refers to my master memoir from 2013 under the direction of Marie-Yvane Daire:

The archaeology of fishing suffers from a lack of visibility in the west of France, in spite of the potential for the study of the exploitation of marine and costal resources in the Channel and on the Atlantic Coast. This paper brings together data that was until now dispersed in publications, site reports, and short papers and uses unpublished objects that relate to features, zooarchaeology and fishing equipment found in Normandy, Brittany and the Pays-de-la-Loire for the Metal Ages and the Roman period. The discussion is enhanced by its interdisciplinary character and covers subjects such as the evolution of techniques, the fishing choices made, the role of fishing in subsistence economies. This first overview finally shows that the archaeology of fishing constitutes an important research topic, which we hope to develop in the future.

Marie-Yvane Daire, Vincent Bernard, Cyrille Billard, Océane Charpentier, Yvon Dréano, Louis Dutouquet, Catherine Dupont, Alizé Gabaude, Loïc Langouët†, Jean-Paul Le Bihan, Caroline Mougne, Alain Provost, Jean-François Villard et Laurent Quesnel, « Pour une archéologie de la pêche sur le littoral Manche-Atlantique de l’ouest de la France (Âge du bronze, âge du Fer, Antiquité) », Revue archéologique de l’Ouest [En ligne], 35 | 2018, mis en ligne le 12 février 2022. URL : ; DOI :