Behind The Mask

  • School project ;
  • 2019;
  • Unreal Engine ;
  • Survival horror pvp asymetric ;
  • 2 players (one human, one monster) ;
  • Gameplay built around stealth and interaction with the statues in the environment (a museum) ;
  • Challenge: to design and produce a complete videogame experience in a team ;
  • Role on the team: Narrative Designer and Lead Level Designer:
    • Creating different original cultures for the team to choose from ;
    • Gathering visual references for the artists;
    • Iterating level designs versions;
    • Reviewing iterations for level design from other team mates;
    • Combining the different elements in the final build.

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In game captures

Creating the universe

We wanted an original culture for our game. After creating documentation for several concept, we settled on a culture centered around the sea and an arctic environment.

Lean more about the universe.

Creating the story: the museum and the two characters

The monster had to be grounded in the culture and we decided that it would be a mythological figure from the past, angry to have been forgotten or discarded awaking in the depths of a new museum and killing people, forcing the closure of the building. Similarly, the human character was to come from the same background and we went with someone young dared to do something illegal as to steal from the closed off museum to prove themselves.